Lost in the Cloud Atlas.

Here’s the latest trailer for the SF film Cloud Atlas. It will be interesting to see if this does as well as the scifi movie Looper, which has been leaving far more critics that usual breathless and raving about the film. We haven’t seen it here yet, but it’s on the list. Two very different films, of course. And this is the cerebral one of the pair. But will cerebral equate to low takings at the box office? Nobody ever got rich by overestimating the public’s taste!

Their love must survive laser attacks! That’s some love.

3 thoughts on “Lost in the Cloud Atlas.

  • Really looking forward to this…

    May very well be the first in line on the 26th at local cinema.

    (and btw.. a 1 and a half minute add before a 30 second trailer! Really? do you not want people to come back?)

  • Just our embed of the trailer, Steve – blame SpringBoard for the ads! Annoys the heck out of us too, although that isn’t much comfort I know…

  • Sorry, that reads like I’m blaming you!

    That’s not the case, I ‘meant’ whoever thinks that including adds that are three times the running length of the clip would be a good idea!


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