Lost Girl Season 4 dvd boxset (DVD review).

It doesn’t seem long since we had season 3 but, here we are, back with Bo and the Fae in ‘Lost Girl’ for another 13 episodes of season 4. After running for three successful years, there was a danger that the show could have become a bit stale, lacking ideas and lost in the doldrums. This often elicits the tendency to ramp it up, so to speak, just as a piece of music can be geared up two thirds of the way along its track to renew our attention. I think that’s what they have done with ‘Lost Girl’. It certainly seems to have changed up a gear to some extent and to shock the viewer, the common ploy of killing off characters is used. It wouldn’t be fair of me to tell you who gets killed because that would represent a spoiler so you’ll just have to see for yourselves. Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than a soap opera on TV which has been ‘revealed’ beforehand in a daily newspaper or website.


To the uninitiated, Bo is a succubus which basically means someone from the Fae who has an enormous power of sexual attraction but woe betide any unfortunate mortal man who may take share of her pleasures because the act would be so draining, physically and mentally, that he wouldn’t survive the experience. She is played by the actress Anna Silk, an attractive lady with obvious attributes. One of the differences in season 4, compared to previous seasons, is that there seems to be a little less sexual activity. Plenty of erotic poses here and there but, overall, it has been toned down. Who knows the reasons for this? Maybe they were told it was getting over the top, especially for younger audiences and maybe in the hope of attracting such an age of viewer, they went in this direction to make a more parenterally approved product. There is also the American factor. Families in the Mid-West United States have different attitudes from Canadians, for example and maybe the previous episodes were rather raucous for their taste. At any rate, Anna Silk is now 40 and she has become a mother and joined the Jewish religion. Could this be the reason for the slight change in her character as portrayed in ‘Lost Girl’?

Another change seems to be obvious in that the episodes are less complicated. I was of the opinion before that there were just too many types of characters with too many rules, making the Fae universe a little confusing. Maybe some guy in the Canadian production team decided it was getting out of hand. Making it more complicated would not endear it to younger audiences, especially young teen-agers who undoubtedly watch this and it was simplified so to speak. This is a bit of a disappointment in some respects for the loyal fans, veterans from the very first episode who know every character and every facet of the Fae world but you can’t please everyone all the time.

The first episode is a bit confusing because everyone seems to have lost their memories. Kenzi and Dyson are hitting it off quite well, unaware that Bo has disappeared. Apparently memories have been stolen though they are sufficiently aware of something being wrong and, after going through a process to obtain the compass, they gain a sense of direction allowing clarity to resume. On the other hand, Bo has no idea what has happened when she wakes on a train.

In a turnabout, Kenzi and Hale get together, definitely making it a teen-ager romance programme, while Dyson is out to find Bo but her locomotive is a train of death, leading to termination. She manages to escape and getting back to Earth, normal service is resumed. The episodes then begin as per usual with lots of individual stories, each leading towards a culmination to an overall plot.

Lost memories can be a terrible thing, especially when there are hidden truths that you would not want to uncover. This happens to Bo! Is she really from the dark Fae? Maybe we have misjudged her all along, thinking she was from the good side. Does she have a hidden agenda? Doubts begin to creep in! Whatever the case, towards the end of the series she faces a serious dilemma when someone wants to cut off her head and rip out her heart! A cliff-hanger! The other main characters, especially Kenzi, experience important changes to their lives over the course of season four, making us think that they might never be the same again. Nevertheless, the next season is underway as we speak, so no doubt all will be revealed. Exactly how long ‘Lost Girl’ will continue is uncertain but least there is another 13 episodes somewhere in the future.

I know what I would do with the series over the next season or two and that would be to have a human exterminator from a government organisation enter the scene to try to wipe them out. That would be exciting! Many people don’t like the idea of the Fae living in the midst of our society but, apart from that, humans have destroyed a lot of nature in the past so why not have them try to eradicate this last vestige of old mother Earth? It would be Electronics versus Magic. It’s only an idea!

If you are a fan of Bo and the other entities from ‘Lost Girl’, this is right your street. An enjoyable series to watch, it is exciting and somewhat intangible, making you want to see what happens in the next episode. Some people have compared it to ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’, but I think it’s rather different and should be viewed as an entity of its own making. Certainly worth watching and recommended!

Rod MacDonald

June 2014

(Region 2 DVD: pub: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. 3 DVDs 549 minutes 13 * 42 minute episodes Price: £21.50 (UK). ASIN: B00I01OP5W

English, Hindi and Hearing Impaired: English sub-titles

cast: Anna Silk, Kristen Holden-Ried, Ksenia Solo, Richard Howland and Zoie Palmer

check out website: www.sonymasterworks.com

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