Leverage by Joseph LoDuca (CD review)

Although technically, the TV series ‘Leverage’ is outside our remit because it is a con game in the real world, It is still worth recommending watching it if you want a change from our genre. What it does have which should appeal to all you soundtrack music lovers reading here is a great selection of musical tracks as composed by Joseph LoDuca who also has a big selection of our genre under his belt, including ‘Hercules’, ‘Xena’ and ‘American Gothic’. It’s also a good reminder that LaLaLand Records is the place to go if you want a wide selection of soundtracks to choose from in the USA.


Very weirdly, the main title is treble the length heard on the screen and like any jazz composition, various parts of it appear in the other 35 tracks here, especially ‘An Honest Man’. Even so, it would have been nice to have included the shortened version as used on TV.

‘Can’t Go Home Again’ is a fantastic change of pace with a rollicking jazzed up song loosely based on the sea shanty ‘What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor?’ There is also the Andy Lange composition ‘Not Sure Yet’ from Season 2 episode 1, ‘The Beantown Bailout Job’.

There’s even a Godfather-like dance with ‘Father Daughter Dance’ and an Irish jig with ‘Wanna Bet’ and a slower ‘Metamora’ and ‘All My Decembers’ with an accent on the violin. Mind you, when you consider that this team use an Irish pub for a headquarters from season 3 on, this shouldn’t be surprising.

When you consider this CD covers material from four seasons, the most surprising omission is Elliot’s song ‘Thinking Of You’ from the third season episode ‘The Studio Job’. As his actor, Christian Kane, is also a singer, no doubt it will appear in one of his albums.

This album falls very much under light jazz with bass, piano and organ tones until about track 20 when it drops into deeper mood swings which makes for an interesting contrast and no doubt to stop you getting light-headed before building up again. The tone belies the danger this team often puts themselves in and its richness makes this album a delight to listen to.

Do I need to persuade you any more when all you really need is a touch of…leverage.

GF Willmetts

October 2014

(pub: LaLaLand Records LLLCD 1120. 72:56 minute CD 35 tracks with 12 page booklet. Price: $ 4.98 (US))

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