Legion Of Super-Heroes: Enemy Manifest by Jim Shooter, Francois Manapul and Livesay (graphic novel review).

The LSH is nearly back in the United Planets good graces except that they are told that diplomatic channels must first be used with the nomadic planet, despite Brainiac 5 fearing the worst. Behind the scenes, ex-Princess Projectra of the now destroyed planet Orlando is planning her own haughty revenge with her few remaining people. Brainiac 5 is also seeing Dream Girl in his dreams and warning signs of other dangers. The recruitment of new Legionnaires reveals a couple surprises and the start of this reality’s equivalent of the Substitute Heroes. I loved the fact that in darkness, Night Girl is equally strong as Ultra Boy. Considering this version of the Legion isn’t adverse to using weapons and technology, you would have thought that they could have added some sort of biometric device to a flight ring that would have shrouded her in darkness to do battle than, as suggested, team her with Shadow Lass occasionally if needed.


For those keeping count, the stories here were originally released in the 2008-2009 Legion Of Super-Heroes # 45-50 and the last of Jim Shooter’s scripted run on the title that he neatly ties up loose ends he created. I think I would have liked to have seen the menace of this nomadic planet last a lot longer than here but, if memory serves, he also got moved on which is a pity because Shooter effortlessly brought everything to life here.

GF Willmetts

December 2014

(pub: DC Comics. 143 page graphic novel hardback. Price: $24.99 (US), $ 27.99 (CAN), about £10.00 (UK) if you know where to look . ISBN: 978-1-40122-304-5)

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