Justin Bieber to star as Luke Skywalker in new Disney Broadway musical version of Star Wars.

Justin Bieber is to star as Luke Skywalker in the newly announced Disney Broadway musical version of Star Wars.

“The highly talented Canadian singer and songwriter is the ideal choice,” announced the team behind the Lion King musical, who will be leading the theatre production, set to open on Broadway for the Christmas Season of 2017. “In fact, he is the only choice. With the enormously gifted Miley Cyrus as Princess Leia, we have the ideal power pairing to make this the biggest ever hit to roar through Broadway.”

George Lucas is coming out of retirement and being lined up to make a guest appearance in a Stan Lee-like cameo as an elderly bearded Jedi – although, not, it is stressed, in the main role of Obi Wan. That part will go to Kenny Rodgers who is said to be really excited about playing the mentoring Jedi to young Skywalker on stage.

Simon Cowell will be taking to the boards to play Grand Moff Tarkin, but only for the opening week, as his TV commitments mean he is fully booked for the rest of the season.

Here’s the opening song, ‘Skywalker’, to be sung by Bieber.

Other songs which will feature in the Broadway musical version of Star Wars include:

  • Yoda singing, “Not Easy Being Green, Is It.”
  • Darth Vader’s title song, “It’s Dark Inside my Soul: It’s Dark Inside my Helmet.”
  • Princess Leia’s rock anthem, “Princess Leia & Her Dead Planetz.”
  • Obi Wan’s country ballad, “Asteroids in the Hyperspace Stream (Ain’t No Moon)”
Strong with the Force is young Beiber
Strong with the Force is young Bieber
Miley Cyrus as Princess Leia
Miley Cyrus will be Princess Leia

Other hit songs to look forward to, include:

‘Moves Like Jabba’.

And the classic ‘Let it Flow’

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