Justice League vs The Fatal Five (blu-ray animated film review).

The film ‘Justice League Vs The Fatal Five’ kicks off with the Legion of Super-Heroes (LSH) battling the Fatal Five, though only Star Boy, Saturn Girl, and Brainiac 5 actually participate. Brainiac 5 inadvertently sends the villains and Star Boy into the past with his incomplete time displacement device, with Star Boy arriving ten months earlier than the rest.

Star Boy suffers from a mental health issue and requires medication, but he encounters Batman and is locked in Arkham Asylum. Expect numerous cameos, such as Superman rescuing children from a giant ball crashing into Metropolis in the present.

Jessica Cruz, a female Green Lantern also known as Limelight, faces anxiety issues and is pushed into action by Wonder Woman. We are introduced to other Justice League members, including Miss Martian and Mr. Terrific.

Superman takes on three members of the Fatal Five almost singlehandedly, which raises questions about the need for the Justice League of America (JLA). These villains, Mano, Tharok, and Persuader, are after Green Lantern Limelight. To help Star Boy, Batman, Miss Martian, and Limelight enter his mind, exploring his memories of the Legion and witnessing earlier battles between LSH and the Fatal Five. They also discover that the Empress has been imprisoned in our time. Following a battle, the trio convinces Limelight to take the Empress to OA’s prison to prevent her city from being destroyed. A couple of known Green Lanterns are also seen in action on OA.

Star Boy dons a costume with the Cockrum design. It’s peculiar that Superman recognizes the Fatal Five but not Star Boy, though this might not necessarily align with DC Universe history.

It’s strange seeing Mano as the de facto leader of the Fatal Five, especially since Persuader, like Validus, doesn’t speak. Given their combined power, the Fatal Five are incredibly challenging to defeat.

Batman and Superman are depicted with lantern jaws, a common feature in animation material. The animation is well-executed, with most of the work done in Korea.

The extras include previews of other animated DC films and episodes that spotlight LSH action, such as the 2006 series Legion of Super-Heroes’ episode ‘Man of Tomorrow,’ where they bring Clark Kent into the future to join their team. The 2005 ‘Justice League Unlimited’ episode ‘Far From Home’ also features the LSH in the Cockrum look, as they enlist Supergirl, Green Arrow, and Green Lantern to help find their missing members.

Other extras include sneak previews of ‘Batman: Hush,’ ‘Justice League Vs The Fatal Five: Unity Of Hero,’ and an 8-minute feature called ‘Battling The Invisible Menace,’ which delves into Star Boy’s schizophrenia. The feature brings attention to mental health issues, but as a long-term LSH fan, it’s the first time I’ve encountered this aspect of Star Boy’s character.

An audio commentary features executive producer Bruce Timm, co-producer Jim Krieg, producer/director Sam Liu, and writer Eric Carrasco discussing various topics, such as Star Boy’s costume and their inability to read Interlac.

Considering the frequent use of the Fatal Five in Warner’s animations, it’s surprising they haven’t appeared in a live-action version yet. They’re undoubtedly a formidable super-villain team, capable of defeating any team without Kryptonians or Daxamites.

Overall, ‘Justice League Vs The Fatal Five’ is worth checking out, especially for completists.

GF Willmetts

March 2023

(pub: Warner Bros Animation, 2019. 1 blu-ray disk 78 minute film with extras. Price: you can pull a copy for about £ 5.00 (UK). ASIN: 5000259063)

check out website: www.warnerbros.co.uk

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