Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad (DC Universe Rebirth) by Joshua Williamson, Rob Williams, Tim Seeley, Jason Farbok, Tony S. Daniel and Howard Porter (graphic novel review).

I’m surprised that ‘Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad’ doesn’t come under the ‘Suicide Squad’ numbering system. After all, the indicia notes it contains that mini-series, Suicide Squad # 8, 10 and Justice League # 12-13. No doubt those who only read the ‘Justice League’ graphic novel reprints will wonder why it’s not under their numbering system as well. The number of creators involved is far longer on the inside than the cover and considering that not only those two teams but also Maxwell Lord’s Checkmate team, there’s a lot going on.

Remember my point about what would happen when the Suicide Squad came to the attention of the Justice League. Here they do and interrupt and go into battle to stop them. It has to be a spoiler that the League get beaten by the Squad’s latest member, Killer Frost. Hardly surprising when their boss, Amanda Waller threatens to blow the bombs in their head unless they do win.

It is a close thing, though. It does make you wonder on how much latitude the Justice League has with various national governments, let alone the United Nations and any consultation they have. Although covert, the Suicide Squad appears to have more sanctions than they have.

There’s a bit of a jump around looking at the Checkmate team, not to mention a confrontation between Maxwell Lord and Amanda Waller. This will make you wonder what exactly is Waller and I wouldn’t be surprised to discover she’s a meta-human. One of the insidious types who creeps below the radar and doesn’t feel like they need to wear a super-costume to get anything done. That used to apply to Maxwell Lord and his mind control, too. Oh, the Emerald Empress from the future is here so looks like the LSH completists will be after this book to see what she’s up to and why she is looking for Saturn Girl to get back to the future.

Of course, things get switched around when Maxwell Lord gets his hands on the Eclipso Diamond and converts most of the Justice League to their worse side and ignores those he deems less powerful like the Batman and most of the Suicide Squad. Methinks Amanda Waller is going to have to think of better ways to hide away dangerous weapons or at least not house them up as if they belong to a museum. Now here’s an odd thing.

There is a reminder that Superman’s powers are charged up by the sun and yet the Eclipso Diamond places the entire Earth into the shade, so why doesn’t his powers run down?

Obviously, the results of this story are spoiler, but it does explain why Killer Frost isn’t with the Suicide Squad and how the Batman calls in a favour from Lobo, of all aliens. Oddly, the ‘main man’ seems to have some restraint compared to his early incarnations and more of a team player.

This is a massive volume and answers a lot more questions between the two teams I’ve been wondering about. I’m still less sure about pursuing too many more of the ‘DC Universe Rebirth’ books, though, mostly because a few years down the line, DC Comics will change things again.

GF Willmetts

February 2021

(pub: DC Comics, 2017. 312 page graphic novel. Price: I pulled my copy for about £ 4.30 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-40127-478-8)

check out website: www.dccomics.com

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