It’s a nightmare!

Nightmare is a new online horror and dark fantasy magazine. In Nightmare’s pages, you will find various kinds of horror fiction, from zombie stories and haunted house tales, to visceral psychological horror.

Edited by anthologist John Joseph Adams, every month Nightmare will aim to bring you a mix of originals and reprints. Nightmare will also include nonfiction, fiction podcasts, and Q&As with authors that go behind-the-scenes of their stories. The publication schedule each month will include two pieces of original fiction and two fiction reprints, along with a feature interview, an artist gallery showcasing their cover artist, and a monthly column about horror, “The H Word.” They intend to publish ebook issues on the first of every month, which will be available for sale in ePub format via their website and also available in other formats such as Kindle and Nook.

Nightmare magazine.
It’s not really a Nightmare… it’s a rather handsome-looking magazine.

For their debut issue, they will be publishing four never before published horror stories.

“Property Condemned” by Jonathan Maberry. Jonathan Maberry is a multiple Bram Stoker Award winner, and Marvel Comics writer. He’s the author of novels including Assassin’s Code, Flesh & Bone Dead of Night, Patient Zero, and Rot & Ruin; and the editor of V-Wars: A Chronicle of the Vampire Wars. His nonfiction books on topics ranging from martial arts to zombie pop-culture. Since 1978 he has sold 1200 magazine feature articles, 3000 columns, two plays, greeting cards, song lyrics, poetry, and textbooks. Jonathan continues to teach the Experimental Writing for Teens class, which he created. He founded the Writers Coffeehouse and co-founded The Liars Club.

“Frontier Death Song” by Laird Barron. Laird Barron is the author of several books, including the short story collections The Imago Sequence and Occultation, and the novel The Croning. His work has appeared in many magazines and anthologies, including The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Inferno, Lovecraft Unbound, Sci Fiction, Supernatural Noir, The Book of Cthluhu, Creatures, The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror, and Best Horror of the Year. He is a three-time winner of the Shirley Jackson Award, and a three-time finalist for the Stoker Award. His work has also been nominated for the Crawford, World Fantasy, International Horror Guild, and Locus awards.

“Good Fences” by Genevieve Valentine. Genevieve Valentine is the author of the novel, Mechanique: a Tale of the Circus Tresaulti. Her short fiction has appeared in or is forthcoming from magazines such as Lightspeed, Fantasy Magazine, Clarkesworld, Strange Horizons, and Escape Pod, and in many anthologies, including Armored, Under the Moons of Mars, Running with the Pack, The Living Dead 2, The Way of the Wizard, Federations, Teeth, and The Mad Scientist’s Guide to World Domination, among others. Her writing has been nominated for the World Fantasy Award, the Nebula Award, and the Shirley Jackson Award.

“Afterlife” by Sarah Langan. Sarah Langan is the author of the novels The Keeper and The Missing, and her most recent novel, Audrey’s Door, won the 2009 Stoker for best novel. Her short fiction has appeared in the magazines Lightspeed, Cemetery Dance, Phantom, and Chiaroscuro, and in the anthologies Brave New Worlds, Darkness on the Edge, and Unspeakable Horror. She is currently working on a post-apocalyptic young adult series called Kids and two adult novels: Empty Houses, which was inspired by The Twilight Zone, and My Father’s Ghost, which was inspired by Hamlet. Her work has been translated into ten languages and optioned by the Weinstein Company for film. It has also garnered three Bram Stoker Awards, an American Library Association Award and two Dark Scribe Awards.

Issue #2 (November 2012) will contain an all-new tale from horror writer Ramsey Campbell, along with a new story by young writer Desirina Boskovich, as well as classic reprints by authors Joe Haldeman and Poppy Z. Brite. Future issues will contain work Daniel H. Wilson, Sarah Langan (a second story!), Jeff VanderMeer, Marc Laidlaw, Ted Kosmatka, J. B. Park, Tamsyn Muir and Matt Williamson.


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