Invasion (1965) (DVD review).

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Edward Judd is the main star of this low-budget movie from Merton Park Studios. Made in 1965 and directed by Alan Bridges, it’s a bit misleading because the name makes you think of an alien invasion whereas, in reality, there are only three of them, rather pathetic aliens at that and when you put it all together in the setting of a country hospital, you end up getting a dreary, dark old movie exacerbated by its black and white presentation. Sometime later, the same setting was used in a ‘Doctor Who’ episode with Jon Pertwee. This was a bit more presentable but what’s ‘Invasion’ got to offer after its refurbishment to DVD? Basically, not a lot!


Lystrians, that’s the name of the alien invaders (sounds like a type of mouthwash) and it’s a bit of a pity that they look like Asians. I don’t know if this was intentional when the movie was made but it certainly wouldn’t be politically acceptable today. Regardless, it all begins when one of the aliens is rundown by a vehicle out in the countryside around London. This was in the days when London had green spaces surrounding it.

Dr. Mike Vernon (Edward Judd) who, along with his associate Dr. Claire Harland (Valerie Gearon) discover that something is not quite right with the recent admission to the hospital. He is an alien! Then, a force field is put around the hospital so that everyone becomes trapped. There are two other aliens and the leader of the Lystrians (Yoko Tani) is determined to get the other alien back, despite him not being too eager to return. It then becomes the long and wearisome night in the hospital with temperatures rising and tempers flaring. The army get involved and the movie teeters towards a somewhat predictable end. At 76 minutes, it’s not a long movie but it’s probably long enough.

It’s now almost 50 years since the movie was made and having watched it originally when it came out, feeling at the time it was rather pedestrian, the thought that it should be released again was met with some dismay. It’s terribly dated, not just in presentation but in the attitudes of the actors as portrayed in the movie. Basically, it lacks credibility!

Okay, the movie isn’t bad but it certainly isn’t good. If you are a collector of old Science Fiction movies then this has a deserved place but otherwise I would give it a miss. It’s not really entertaining and Network has much better Edward Judd movies to offer. The disc came with extras but they were unremarkable. They amounted to an image gallery, the original trailer, and some stuff on a PDF. Invasion doesn’t appeal and I would give it a miss!

Rod MacDonald

October 2014

(region 2 DVD: Network. 1 DVD 78 minute black and white film with minor extras. Cat no. 7954207. Price: £ 6.98 (UK)

cast: Edward Judd, Yoko Tani, Valerie Gearon, Lyndon Brook and Eric Young

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