Inhumans trailer (another Marvel TV series).

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Here’s the first teaser trailer for the new TV series of the Inhumans, based on the Marvels comics of the same title. Does anyone think Marvel might be over-milking the super-hero cow just a little bit too much, now?

The premise behind the Inhumans is that the secret city of Attilan (created by writer/artist legend Jack Kirby) was the home to a technologically advanced mutant race back in the Stone Age. And the myths of Atlantis were all based on this place.

Inhumans trailer (another Marvel TV series).

Inhumans trailer (another Marvel TV series).

The television series focuses on the Inhuman ruler Black Bolt (actor Anson Mount), he of the hyper-shock voice power, and the various members of his Inhuman Royal Family. After a military coup set in current times, the Inhuman Royal Family escape to modern day Hawaii. Here, they must save both themselves and the rest of the world from the new evil residing in Attilan.


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