Incredibles 2 (film trailer).

Not sure why it’s taken so long to get the Incredibles back into animated superhero greatness, but I’ll take it. Maybe Pixar fancied a break? Maybe they were waiting for the right story – that’s something they’ve been known to chase around for a while. Polishing and perfecting.

The backstory to this one is that is that Helen (voiced by Holly Hunter) gets to front a PR campaign intended to rehabilitate superheroes in the eyes of the public, while poor old Bob (aka actor Craig T. Nelson) has to man up and cope with the moody teens and super-super-powered kiddies at home.

Poor fellow. I feel for him. Given this is not a gravy advert shot in the 1990s, I hope the plot stretches to more than failing home-husbandry for laughs. Come on, Pixar. Don’t let us down, dudes.

Incredibles 2 (film trailer).
Incredibles 2 (film trailer).


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