In The Pink – a brief article by: GF Willmetts.

Actually, this is more like a word of warning as to where you keep your toys or models.

A year or so ago, I noticed when cleaning a toy ‘Marvel Legends’ Magneto in my windowsill that when I took its helmet off, when he’d been exposed to the light was like a light cross on his face. As the rest of my ‘Marvel Legends’ are in cupboards, I just put that down to being on show for so many years.

However, my DC Direct 12 inch high Watchmen Comedian has suffered a similar fate to his face. Taking off his mask shows the contrast. None of the other flesh tones on his body skin have been affected so its clearly a fault with the pink dye.

I should point out that the Silk Spectre head hasn’t been affected that way, nor fortunately, Buffy, Willow, Gay Ellis (from UFO) or Steed and Emma although it might be the way they were facing. Dr. Manhattan is blue and Rorschach has his mask on.

Hope this pictures show the difference. In some respects, it makes the Comedian look more rugged, although logistically, in real life, the reverse would happen and the skin behind the mask would be white.

Comedian-masked Comedian-unmasked

Check your figures.

Add comments below this article if you’ve experience a similar thing and with which models and manufacturer.

Geoff Willmetts

July 2014

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