HBO’s Game Of Thrones Coloring Book (book review).

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Amongst the range of colouring books out there at the moment is this one devoted to some show called ‘Game Of Thrones’. As its fantasy and on a pay channel in the UK, it’s not something I would watch or have an interest in.


However, we are a little unilateral to our fantasy cousins on this site and as this ‘HBO’s Game Of Thrones Coloring Book’ has just come out and likely to be tucked away into your present pile in December, I’ll have to leave it you to decide if it’s a curio or likely to go up in value if you don’t do as intended and colour the illustrations.

The indicia points out that they were based off photographs from the series main unit so if you can match them to the illustrations, you can get a better approximation to what they should look like. As this is not colour by numbers, you have to make up your own mind how to do it. As I don’t know from Adam who the characters let alone who the actors are, you’ll have to decide on illustration accuracy. Don’t expect anything look violent or of a sexual nature. There are some pictures that spread across two pages in this book with several group scenes and a dragons.

From an art perspective, ensure you have sharp pencils because there is a lot of fine detail here. The further background goes behind the foreground, the more blue you should introduce to the colouring. Skin tone should not be a single colour because it lacks depth, whether it is pink or burnt sienna (which is the better choice) and would definitely be lighter facing the light source. If you darken the colour where it faces away from the light source or where there should be shadows from things like noses, then you will add dimension to your colouring.

For those with more daring who might want to paint with brushes using watercolour or acrylics, much of the same applies but you can’t do it all at once and have to be patient while it dries. I suspect that might not be a first choice and suspect if you do, your intention is to cut out the pages to put on the wall. That being the case, you might well want to do that before starting although I wouldn’t recommend a sword but a fine knife and ruler. The frames you’ll have to come up with yourselves.

GF Willmetts

October 2016

(pub: Chronicle Books. 60 page illustrated large softcover. Price: £11.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-45215-430-5)

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