Harrison Ford crash lands dead plane on 8th hole.

Some days there are stories which float up that are far stranger than fiction. Imagine the scene. You are a doctor playing a round of golf on the the golf course green with your colleague – also a doctor. I mean, that’s straight cliche TV there, right? Two doctors playing golf. What’s the chances of that happening?

Then you see a light aircraft in trouble. Its engine has gone and it’s desperately trying to land – it has just taken off and can’t even make it back to the airfield. The pilot is trying to find a stretch of field that won’t involve killing dozens of innocents in the surrounding houses if he or she doesn’t make it. So the plane glides down towards the 8th hole. The doctors scatter. The plane lands, mangled, but it doesn’t explode. The doctors rush over to help. And who is in the cockpit?

Harrison Ford crash land's dead plane on 8th hole.
Harrison Ford crash land’s dead plane on 8th hole.

Han Solo – Indiana Jones – Harrison Ford!

I swear, you can’t make this %$%^ up. Anyway, it looks like Harrison only sustained light injuries from initial reports. Any landing you can walk away from, right?

Ironically, the broken leg Harrison got from a wonky ramp door on the Millenium Falcon while shooting Star Wars The Force Awkens at Pinewood might have been a worse injury than actually crash landing an old 1942 Ryan Aeronautical ST3KR plane.

We’re glad you okay, Harrison. Just don’t get any ideas. I know you volunteer as a helicopter mountain rescue pilot in your spare time, but this is no excuse to go back to doing your own stunts on set. That’s a young man’s game. Here at SFcrowsnest Towers, we’d like you around as Solo Senior in the next few Star Wars movies for a while longer, please.

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