Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3: film review by Mark Kermode (video).

Our man of many movies, Mark Kermode, is here again to take us through the latest attempt to squeeze every last dime from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in which we are graced with the third installment of Guardians of the Galaxy. Akin to the final act of a once-great band’s farewell tour, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 leaves us here at SFcrowsnest Towers wondering if it’s the swan song of a truly exhausted franchise?

As the curtain rises on our ragtag band of space misfits, it quickly becomes clear that the magic has left the building. The once effervescent chemistry between the beloved characters has fizzled, leaving us with a bitter taste in our mouths. If you’re craving the joy of watching a group of friends who have overstayed their welcome at the party, then you’re in luck.

The film trudges through a convoluted and messy plot, like a toddler attempting to navigate a room full of Legos. With James Gunn at the helm, we are treated to glimpses of his signature brilliance, but they are fleeting and fail to save the movie from its own tangled web.

In a desperate attempt to evoke emotion, the film includes numerous flashbacks that never quite hit the mark. Instead of the heartfelt nostalgia we crave, we’re left with the sinking feeling that this once-perky series has become a mere shadow of its former self.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
is a melancholic ode to a franchise that once soared amongst the stars but now merely limps across the finish line. As we bid farewell to Gunn’s vision of this cosmic crew, let’s raise a glass to the good times and try to forget the bitter aftertaste of this final installment. But, enough of what we think – over to you, Mark, for your take on this flick.

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