Graphene batteries set to revolutionise energy storage (science news).

Graphene has a theoretical capacity of 744 mAh/g with outstanding electronic mobility at 10,000 cm2/V and extremely high lithium diffusivity at 10-7 – 10-6 cm2/s, it holds great promise as an anode material for high-energy-power lithium-ion batteries.

Moving it from theory to industry, some new research, titled High-quality mesoporous graphene particles as high-energy and fast-charging anodes for lithium-ion batteries, a team of scientists were able to improve high quality sheets yield by chemical vapor deposition using a mesoporous Magnesium Oxide as a template and catalyst to start the process and adding an additional step with microwave radiation.

They basically grew nitrogen-doped graphene within the pores of the Magnesium Oxide template.

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