Granite Flats… UFO mystery.

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Granite Flats is a new scifi thriller TV series set in the 1960s which tells the story of a recently widowed single mom, Beth Milligan, and her 10 year old son Arthur, who move from California to the rural town of Granite Flats, Colorado to start a new life after the untimely and mysterious death of their Air Force pilot husband and father.

From the moment of their arrival at the military base where Beth will be employed as a hospital nurse and Arthur will get a post-tragedy restart on life, the wholesome community is quickly revealed to be much more complex than at first glance. Standing alone outside on his first night in Granite Flats, Arthur is the sole witness to a fiery object hurdling across the sky, landing in the nearby hills.

Granite Flats... UFO mystery.

Granite Flats… UFO mystery.

Is it a comet, like the budding young scientist believes, or something far more complicated? The spiraling consequences of what Arthur sees and the subsequent explosion that sets the stage for the plot to unfold propels Granite Flats into motion. Under the town’s wholesome surface, a sinister element is brewing that will challenge the faith and humanity of the show’s quirky characters, threaten to shatter any residual innocence left from the past decade and reveal the ubiquitous fear of nuclear attack which defined that era.

Granite Flats is available in the USA via Dish Network, DirecTV and 800 cable and satellite systems. It’s additionally available via Internet streaming at

The Granite Flats crew and cast include…

Jonathan Morgan Heit (Granite Flats’ young protagonist, Arthur Milligan) is the voice of character “Kip Supernova” in animated feature film Escape from Planet Earth and is also the voice of Cubby on Disney’s animated TV series, Jake and the Never Land Pirates. He also starred in Date Night, Valentine’s Day and Bedtime Stories and his television credits include Monk, How I Met Your Mother, ER, General Hospital and Close to Home. He has lent his voice to 18 Family Guy episodes.

David Naughton (Granite Flats’ Dr. Whittison) is best known for his starring role in the horror movie An American Werewolf in London. Charlie Plummer (Granite Flats’ young sleuth Timmy Sanders) has a recurring role on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire.

Michael Sonnenschein of 90210 fame is the writer. Annie Tedesco (Granite Flats’ lead, Beth Milligan) has appeared on network TV shows such as Modern Family, Dexter, Harry’s Law, Criminal Minds, Suspect Behavior, Man Up, The Mentalist, and The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Richard Gunn (Granite Flats’ Chief of Police John Sanders) was a series regular on James Cameron’s TV show Dark Angel playing the role of Sketchy, and recently starred opposite James Caan and Paul Sorvino in Lionsgate’s feature film For the Love of Money.

Reed Smoot, ASC (Cinematographer) worked on Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull; Justin Beiber: Never Say Never, Walt Disney Pictures classic Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey and documentary Feature The Great American Cowboy.


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