Goodbye Da Vinci Code, hello Zero Hour.

Zero Hour, a new TV series, and the most fun since a certain whip-cracking hero went in search of a lost Ark. A hidden cult has hidden some terrible secrets inside a series of old clock mechanisms. The Nazis once did anything to get their hands on it, and came very close. Sadly for Hank Galliston, his clock-collecting wife gets kidnapped when she comes across the secret, and Hank and his friends must rescue her and solve the mystery. Luckily for him, he’s also the publisher of Modern Skeptic magazine, a bit of a Fortean Times rip-off, so he is the right man for the job.

As Doctor Who might have said… ‘Frozen Nazis and genetic experiments on a u-boat: cool!’

Zero Hour new TV series.
Hey, did you leave this u-boat under the ice cap?

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