Ghost Story (The Dresden Files book 13) by Jim Butcher (book review).

There is no way around this so if haven’t read the previous book to this, ‘Changes’, look away now. ‘Ghost Story’ is about our loveable wizard Harry Dresden and he is, as Dickens might definitely paraphrase, definitely dead as a door nail. But wait; although his demise is definite his story is not yet over. Things were pretty bad around when Harry unleashed a whirlwind of violence leaving a power vacuum and it looks like Harry has come back to suck it all up.

Meeting old friends along the way Harry must recruit both the living and the dead to his cause to clean house, save his friends from joining him and maybe put the world back together again, even if he doesn’t get to live in it.

It must be hard to think of variations with your character and this might be an extreme way to treat your darling. ‘Ghost Story’ does a good job of placing Harry in extremis and counting on him to do the right thing. After all, he could have hung up his ghostly boots straight away. It adds up to an interesting challenge for Harry and us but the story seems to roll along no problem. I enjoyed this story and there are some excellent characters and enough jeopardy for Harry. I know, how much worse it can get? He’s dead already!

Sue Davies

November 2012

(pub: Orbit. 477 page paperback. Price: £14.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-84149-761-7)

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