GalaxyQuest TV series spoofs where no scifi TV has spoofed before (news).

Ladies, gentlemen, and intergalactic species: brace yourselves for yet another attempt to turn the cult classic film Galaxy Quest into a TV series. This time, Paramount+ is boldly going where others have tried (and failed) before, hoping to adapt the movie into a small-screen gem. Let’s just say we’re holding our breath – but not because we’re venturing into the vacuum of space.

In case you missed it, GalaxyQuest is the film that managed to out-Star Trek Star Trek itself. It’s a brilliant parody of a beloved sci-fi series and its dedicated fanbase. What started as a fictional series about a group of actors who accidentally save the universe is now getting a shot at becoming an actual TV series. Talk about life imitating art. Or is it art imitating life? It’s hard to tell with all these layers.

Paramount+ and Paramount Television Studios are in the early stages of this ambitious endeavor, with only Mark Johnson (who produced the original film) currently attached to the project. If you’re wondering, yes, this is the same Mark Johnson who brought us Breaking Bad – so we might actually have a reason to be excited… or not.

Previously, Amazon tried to adapt Galaxy Quest for television, but those plans were scrapped following the untimely death of Alan Rickman. Since then, various writers have attempted to tackle the project, but with little success. Here’s hoping that this time, the stars align for this satirical space odyssey.

With the cult following that Galaxy Quest has garnered over the years, it’s no wonder that studios are itching to bring it back to life. But whether this new adaptation will follow the original characters, recast them, or introduce an entirely new crew remains a mystery. One thing’s for sure: if Paramount+ is looking for a space show full of awkward adventurers bumbling through the cosmos, they’ve hit the jackpot.

Will this latest attempt to create a Galaxy Quest TV series finally succeed, or will it crash and burn like a malfunctioning spaceship? Only time will tell. But in the meantime, we’ll be over here, munching on our popcorn and waiting for someone to swear by Grabthar’s Hammer.

GalaxyQuest TV series spoofs where no scifi TV has spoofed before (news).
GalaxyQuest TV series spoofs where no scifi TV has spoofed before (news).


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