FUBAR: new Netflix spyfy TV series with Arnold Schwarzenegger (2nd trailer).

Hold onto your night vision goggles, folks, because Netflix is taking us on a wild, dysfunctional family ride with FUBAR, a new spy-adventure series that makes True Lies look like a documentary about the mundane lives of accountants. Featuring the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger in his first-ever leading role in a scripted TV series, it’s bound to have us saying “hasta la vista” to any semblance of realism.

Imagine discovering your dear old dad is a CIA operative, only to find out he’s had the same realization about you. FUBAR takes this delightfully absurd premise and runs with it, like a double agent on a mission to recover stolen nuclear codes. Throw in a cast of quirky, unpredictable characters, and you’ve got a recipe for espionage shenanigans that’ll make you wonder if the whole CIA is just a sitcom writer’s fever dream.

Will Luke and Emma, played by Schwarzenegger and Monica Barbaro, find common ground amidst the web of lies and exploding gadgets? Can a show about trust issues bring families together for a night of binge-watching? Tune in on May 25, 2023, to find out! And remember, in the world of FUBAR, heroes don’t retire—they reload… their repertoire of snarky one-liners, that is.

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