Fresh WOW signal found: a communication from potential alien life? (science video)

The well-known WOW Signal is well-known, but almost anybody has ever heard of the much stronger signal discovered more recently. Finally, the Breakthrough Listen Project will research this intriguing potential alien signal and others.

There was a prior historic signal in question, known as the “WOW signal,” and it was detected by the Big Ear radio telescope at Ohio State University in 1977. The signal was a strong and unusual burst of radio waves that lasted for just over a minute, and it seemed to originate from the constellation Sagittarius.

At the time, the WOW signal generated a lot of excitement and speculation, with many people believing that it could be a message from an alien civilization. However, despite numerous follow-up observations and searches, the signal was never detected again, and its origin remains a mystery to this day.

While the WOW signal remains one of the most famous and mysterious signals ever detected, it’s important to note that it’s just one of many signals that SETI programs have detected over the years. In fact, SETI scientists regularly monitor the skies for signs of intelligent life, using a variety of telescopes and other instruments to search for signals that might be coming from other worlds.

While SETI scientists have yet to find definitive proof of extraterrestrial life, they remain hopeful that one day they will. And who knows, maybe the next signal they detect will be the one that finally gives us the answer we’ve been looking for.

Fresh WOW signal found: potential alien life? (science video)
Fresh WOW signal found: potential alien life? (science video)

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