Frankie Feedback: A Critical Spring Cleaning at SFCrowsnest (article).

150_490783Folks…it has been a rather horrid winter globally for those unfortunate enough to be exposed to the snowy, frigid elements. We all long for the warmer weather to arrive and make its presence known. So in anticipation of waiting for the consistent agreeable temperatures to take us away from such chilly misery why not take the opportunity to do some spring cleaning at SFCrowsnest?

No, I am not referring to clearing out your flats or getting rid of old clothing that you haven’t worn since you were thinner back in your robust, youthful days. The spring cleaning that I am referring to is the emptying of150px-Sci-Fi_UK_logo_1999 my private mailbox of behind-the-scenes favorable/unfavorable feedback for yours truly concerning the critical assessment of the sci-fi/fantasy/horror films that are featured at SFCrowsnest.

I can attest to the fact that my mailbox indeed needed some serious cleansing. Thus, let me publicly share with you some of the treasures/tirades that were aimed at me in the name of the entertaining pages at SFCrowsnest. Hey…what can you say…feedback of all varieties come with the territory of critiquing various genres of film in an effort to let the avid movie fans at SFCrowsnest know what is out there on the big screen!

Now…for some much needed spring cleaning! Let’s air out some of the clutter, shall we?


Dean F. says: “Frank…interesting perspective on how you related today’s RoboCop impact (which is not much) with yesterday’s version back in 1987. And you are right…in a way Paul Veroeven’s 1987 original seemed to reflect the times and politics of the late eighties where law enforcement was so over-the-top in cinema. You actually get it.”

Frank’s response: “Dean…what can I say but THANKS!”

Rhonda C. says: “Mr. Ochieng…you wouldn’t know a good sci-fi action movie if it hit you over the head several times! You are a fraud and SFCrowsnest should replace you with more dependable movie reviewer! RoboCop rules!”

Frank’s response: “Rhonda, has anybody told you that you have the voice and softness of an innocent hummingbird in the morningtime? Just wondering…”


Branden R. says: “Ochieng, I have read your film reviews at SFCrowsnest for quite time now but it has come down to this…your editor at SFCrowsnest should replace you permanently with Mark Leeper…I trust his written word over yours! I will give you this when I say that you are a gifted and comprehensive writer/movie critic but Mark BREATHES science fiction while you should be reviewing expiration dates on milk cartons! Ochieng, your time is up!”

Frank’s response: “Branden, your disapproval is duly noted! Mark Leeper is a fabulous and extremely knowledgeable film critic and astute student of Science Fiction. He is a colleague of mine both at SFCrowsnest and The Online Film Critics Society. I am elated that you find comfort in his assessment of sci-fi films. As for me needing to review expiration dates on milk cartons…well…perhaps you are correct. I though that my cereal tasted kinda funny this morning!”


Raymond B. says: “Frank, I do admit to enjoying your critical content at SFCrowsnest and nine times out of ten I agree with your take on the films your review. But there are times when you are way off base submitting movie critiques that have absolutely nothing to do with science fiction and/or fantasy–the content that avid readers at SFcrowsnest want to be exposed to exclusively. Care to explain your misguided actions, Frank?”

Frank’s response: “I will say this, Ray…yeah, your complaint has been expressed before and I’m sure that the editor of this website as well as its many readers will agree with you. I can assure you, however, that I did get the green light to occasionally venture into other movie genres/territories that stray away from sci-fi/fantasy entries from “a greater source” at SFcrowsnest if you can read between the lines (I really do not like throwing around names blatantly to prove a point) so yes…there is some leeway to venture into other film genres (animation, action adventure, comedy, etc.) but for the most part you or others should not feel deprived about getting the majority of required sci-fi/fantasy content at SFcrowsnest as there is plenty of sufficient material at the site to fit your science fiction-related needs and wants.”


Robert N. says: “Hey Frank, your descriptive review on NURSE 3-D is spot-on! In fact, I love how you take to task all the big pretentious horror thrillers but I like how you were able to fairly assess NURSE 3-D and marginally give it a positive review although by many standards it is an over-the-top, bad, cheesy sexploitation flick. Great insight and thanks for not going for the predictable and automatic trashing of NURSE 3-D much like most of your movie reviewing peers.”

Frank’s response: “Rob, appreciate your input but yeah…Nurse 3-D is definitely a guilty pleasure and I cannot say anything more about it than what I wrote in the film review. Clearly, some shock schlock entries can get away with being rancid yet inspired in some warped, unexpected sort of way.”

Nancy L. says: “You know Frank…you are typical of the hormonal male morons out there that would give legitimacy to titillating trash like NURSE 3-D!! So very typical! What do you have to say for yourself?”

Frank’s response: “Nancy, would it help if I gave negative reviews to its potential sequel…Doctor 3-D: The Uncut?”


Theresa W. says: “I thoroughly enjoyed your quirky TV-related articles about sc-fi themes that you posted up from the past. I loved your write-ups such as “Unsung Zeroes”, “Sci-Fi Motherly Instincts”, “Welcome To My Opening Act”, “Take Me to Your Leader”, etc. Frank, why don’t you contribute more quirky TV articles to SFcrowsnest? Are you forbidden to do these kinds of entertaining articles anymore? Incidentally, what was your favorite of the SFCrowsnest TV articles that you created?”

Frank’s response: “I am glad to hear that you fancied those sci-fi TV articles I wrote way back when Theresa. And to be fair and honest no…I am not being held back by the SFCrowsnest brass in terms of writing more of these TV-related ditties that you covet so much. I will submit more in the immediate future to the online site. Right now I have a work load of films (my main bread and butter) to contend with now so that has kept me extremely occupied. As for my favorite TV article it is “Welcome To My Opening Act”. Thanks for your input.”

16038956Whether good, bad or indifferent much is appreciated for the feedback given to me as well as my fellow colleagues at SFCrowsnest. It is always a win-win situation when the flowing of ideas, comments, suggestions and recommendations are communicated, expressed and welcomed to allow for more growth.

When the spring cleaning is done and over with let us reflect upon the next time we want to air our clutter–perhaps in 2015?

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