Firestarters by Raoul Davis Jr., Kathy Palokoff and Paul Eder (book review).

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I thought when I first saw the title of Raoul Davis Jr., Kathy Palokoff and Paul Eder’s book ‘Firestarters’ that it might have something to do with arsonists. However, the other text on the cover, ‘How Innovators, Instigators And Initators Can Inspire You To Ignite Your Own Life’ tells otherwise. In my language, what they are referring to are the shakers, movers and makers of the world and how you can join them. Often as not, these people go beyond their own jobs into areas that they believe in and apply their energies there as well. Of course, it also needs a lot of people who will follow them to complete this but that’s not so unusual. For such work, you can’t work in a vacuum.

One thing that did strike me while reading this book is if you want to understand what motivates such people then this might be the way to get it. I’m not even sure where I stand in these three levels as I’ve touched on all three in a non-profit point of view. Oddly, in answer to their question as to how would I light a birthday cake outside with only one match. I don’t think I would be stupid enough to only have one match in the first place and would have thought ahead to bring a full box.

I have to confess the large selection of examples the authors interview and analyse here I don’t know from Adam but the book is targeted at an American audience. If anything, I think there are far too many examples and don’t recommend reading them all in one go. The common denominator from my point of view is that they all appear to be natural leaders and business people who can motivate others.

The real question is whether you reading this book will inspire you to do the same as these people or realise your own limitations and just want to help them. There’s a fair bet that such people wouldn’t need to read such a book as this in the first place.

In many respects, this book is well-balanced and even looks at people who act as extinguishers who don’t want other people raising their heads above the parapet. Feel motivated.

GF Willmetts

January 2018

(pub: Prometheus Books. 310 page small enlarged paperback. Price: $18.00 (US), $19.00 (CAN). ISBN: 978-1-63388-347-5. Ebook: Price: $11.99 (US), $13.99 (CAN). ISBN: 978-1-63388-348-2)

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