Firebase – in which the Vietnam War gets freaky.

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More science fictional short movie action from Neill Blomkamp’s new venture, Oats Studio, in Firebase.

This is an alternative reality Vietnam War where someone – or something – called the River God is tipping the odds in the Viet Cong’s favour. Imagine those scenes from the Watchmen where Dr. Manhattan routs the communists turned on its head, and you have a little taste of what’s going on here.

Didn’t Stephen Hunt pen an alternative reality short story ages ago – where Vietnam invaded the USA in the 1960s, supporting the Confederacy in the south against its American rival in the north? Platoon written from the perspective of a pissed-off young Vietnamese soldier who really doesn’t want to be fighting in some primitive foreign crap-hole – what was the name of that story?

Firebase - in which the Vietnam War gets freaky.

Firebase – in which the Vietnam War gets freaky.

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