Extrapolations (new Apple TV science fiction series: trailer).

Hold onto your seats, folks, because a new TV series is coming to Apple TV+ that’s guaranteed to leave you on the edge of your sofa, clutching a bag of popcorn and sweating profusely. “Extrapolations,” from the writer of “Contagion,” Scott Z. Burns, is set to premiere on March 17, and it’s going to be a doozy.

This bracing drama takes place in a near future where the effects of climate change are no longer something that can be ignored. It’s become embedded into our everyday lives, and we’re left to deal with the consequences. “Extrapolations” weaves together eight stories of love, work, faith, and family from across the globe, exploring the life-altering choices that must be made when the planet is changing faster than the population.

With a star-studded cast that includes Meryl Streep, Sienna Miller, Kit Harington, and Edward Norton, just to name a few, this series promises to deliver riveting performances and gripping storytelling. Each story is different, but the fight for our future is universal. The question is, are we brave enough to become the solution to our own undoing before it’s too late?

But it’s not just the A-list cast that makes “Extrapolations” a must-see. The series is executive produced by Burns, Gregory Jacobs, Dorothy Fortenberry, and Media Res’ Michael Ellenberg and Lindsey Springer. This partnership between Apple TV+ and Media Res has already brought us the Emmy, SAG, and Critics Choice Award-winning “The Morning Show,” as well as the AFI Award-winning series “Pachinko.” Clearly, these folks know what they’re doing, and “Extrapolations” is no exception.

So mark your calendars for March 17, folks, because “Extrapolations” is a series you won’t want to miss. Watch your future unfold as you witness the battle between courage and complacency in the face of an uncertain world. And who knows? Maybe you’ll even be inspired to take action and make a difference in the real world. Stranger things have happened, right?

Extrapolations (new Apple TV science fiction series: trailer).

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