Escape Room 2: Tournament Of Champions (blu-ray film review).

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With the success of ‘Escape Room’ last year, it shouldn’t be hard to see a sequel. Actually, two versions of ‘Escape Room 2’. It would be too easy just to watch one version but as we’re not like that, which do I start with. Logistically, the cinema or theatrical version first.

For those who saw ‘Escape Room’, that I also reviewed and can also be bought with one version of this release, essentially you have a selection of people who are put in a room and have to find solutions to escape or risk death.

They weren’t supposed to die or that’s what the contestants thought. I mean, why else would you want to play the game and there is a real life version out there apparently that it is based on, although without the death option.

As the sub-title of this one indicates, this is one for previous champions, although only two of the players from the previous film are in this one.

What happens is classified and, I suspect, much of the plot is spoiler. With no one I know or recognise in the cast because they didn’t leave a firm memory from the first, no guessing who might survive. They are all previous winners and trapped into joining again. The six quickly whittles down to five, also learn the game is still fatal.

Much of it is them solving the clues to get from one room to another. There are some obvious comparisons to the previous traps and it’s really a roller-coaster that keeps your attention.

From the looks of things and without giving too much away, it looks like the additions in the extended version are at the beginning of the film running at 11 minutes showing what happens if you don’t win and the designer of this lethal version. Likewise, Zoe being the real target as she wants to expose the people who make the Escape Rooms.

Let’s look at the three extras. The 6 minute ‘Deadly But Dazzling’ has chats with cast and production and probably the best way to identify who played the parts. Even they think they are secondary to the rooms. The sets were more physical than CGI.

‘Game Of Champions’ runs at 5 minutes looks more at the characters. ‘Upping The Ante’, at nearly 4 minutes continues this.

This looks slowly like its developing into a franchise and a desire to build on the first film rather than repeat it.

Undoubtedly, this film will attract the same audience as last time and even the production team were surprised at its success, making some £130 million profit. With the extended version showing the secondary plot, it does look like they should build up on this so escaping isn’t just the one element of the plot. Don’t go out unprepared and would recommend carrying your own survival kit which could be a game itself. Anyone got a good magnet?

GF Willmetts

October 2021

(pub: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2021. 1 blu-ray disk. 88 minute theatrical version, 96 minute extended version with extras.  Price: £14.99 (UK). ASIN: B097QL8Y5F)

cast: Taylor Russell, Logan Miller, Deborah Ann Wolf, Thomas Cocquerel, Holland Roden, Indya Moore and Carlito Olivero

check out website: www.sonypictures.com


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