Ending the world in comfort and style: a guide (science video).

Well, well, well, it certainly seems as though the end of the world is near and that we are all doomed. But don’t give up! Even if the end is near, there are still steps we can take to lessen the harm and get ready for the fallout.

Look at the possible dangers we face first, before anything else. Asteroid, Supernova, Gamma Ray Burst, Major Climate Change, Snowball Earth, Mega Volcano, BioWar, Robots/AI, and Alien Invasion are just a few of the threats we face today. Oh my, that’s a long list! Do not worry, though; because Isaac Arthur has some opinions on each of these.

Nuclear War: If two nations decide to wage nuclear war, it will likely be too late to prevent it. We can only pray that it doesn’t happen and get ready for the consequences as best we can. Build a bomb bunker, stock up on canned goods and bottled water, and hope you’re far enough away from the blast zone.

A tricky one, the asteroid. If an asteroid headed towards Earth is discovered, there may be some possibility to divert it using a variety of techniques. We can only try to evacuate as many people as we can to safer regions if it’s already too late and the asteroid is headed our way.

Supernova/Gamma Ray Burst: Our planet could suffer terrible consequences if a nearby star has a supernova or releases a gamma ray burst. Yet, because these occurrences are unexpected and might occur at any time, all we can do is wait and cross our fingers that our planet is fortunate enough to escape the worst of it.

Snowball Earth/Massive Climate Shift: Our planet is under danger from climate change, and we must act to lessen its effects. We can still take action to adapt, even if it’s already too late and the globe is headed for a significant climate change or even a snowball Earth. We can spend money on technology to assist us endure harsh conditions, such as building artificial heat sources or breeding crops that can withstand drought.

Super Volcano: If a super volcano erupted, it may cause extensive damage and have a long-lasting impact on the climate of the world. The only thing we can do is cross our fingers and pray that we are not in the path of catastrophe because these eruptions are rare and hard to anticipate.

BioWar: If a lethal virus or bacteria were to be released, it might have catastrophic implications on the globe. Yet even if it’s too late to stop the disease’s spread, we may still take precautions to safeguard our loved ones and ourselves. This entails using protective equipment, staying away from diseased regions, and maintaining proper cleanliness.

AI/Robots: If AI or robots turned against us, it might be the end of humanity as we know it. Yet, we don’t need to worry too much about this one just yet because we have a long way to go before we can create sentient machines.

Alien Invasion: If aliens invaded our planet, we might try to fight them off, but we’d probably lose. The best we can do is to cross our fingers that they are amicable and that we can live in harmony with them.

So, dear SFcrowsnest readers, well before the S hits the old megadeath fan, stock up on canned goods, build a bomb shelter, and keep your fingers crossed!

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