Editorial – April 2014: Nobody here but us . . .

For the uninformed, humans have to told there are other humans out there.

 Hello everyone

Don’t you find it odd that the media goes out of its way to describe people as being ‘human’ as if ‘humans’ were a different species ? Although I doubt they’ve ever heard how I describe myself with multiple labels, it does leave the puzzle as to what other choice they have to describe anyone by? If it happens in the UK, then it’s not that stretch of an imagination to seeing it being used elsewhere in the world, a world I should point out is kind of over full with…what’s the word…humans! No other labels. Do they know something the rest of the world doesn’t and just giving away clues. If there are other biped sentients on our planet, could that little slip just be a reassurance to them that it isn’t them that they are referring to? It’s enough to make you feel paranoid that there are people a little different to us walking around, isn’t it? Let alone a little scary about those people who think aliens are already walking amongst us might be correct after all.

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But let’s look at what other options are available. It isn’t as though they ever employ police description nomenclature and using the British police Identity Code or IC to limit it down to a particular skin shade would prevent any racist overtones. The six main ones cover most people but IC0, IC7 and IC9 are for origin unknown. Surely for those, you would have just one not three types? From my perspective, most humans look alike and there is very little to tell you people apart as it is. It’s no wonder gender, height, weight, skin tone, eyes and hair colour are used to make things a little more specific and that only narrows the options and certainly not down to individuals to identify them. Rarely do we describe people by personality type unless it’s a warning of aggression or violence.

So the puzzle remains as to why newscasters, police and others describe people as humans. Could there be a selection of choices as well as checking the date so it wasn’t an April Fool. Yes, I’m well aware of that date coming up and, no, it isn’t one of those as it’s far too early. It’s just a puzzle and the broad scope ones are the ones I like the most.

Do they know more than we do about just who is inhabiting this planet or is it merely a problem of finding the right label to identify members of our species when you have to say something in few words. It’s either that or something is going very weird with our education system.

Of course, they could be aliens. As I’ve commented before, parallel evolution would favour the humanoid shape in our kind of gravity simply for convenience. Blobs of jelly or octopods are unlikely to be much good outside of a water medium but they’d be easy to identify. But why live here incognito? Well, there are lots of reasons for that. Humans, through their media, look awfully xenophobic and even if it’s restrained, the same cannot be said for all of Homo sapiens. But why blend in? If you just wanted to just live on this planet, there are a lot of deserted places that would be better suited to ensure that you didn’t lose your own culture. You certainly wouldn’t want your presence announced on the news by such a slip. ‘It’s only humans that we’re after this time.’

However, as aliens are unlikely to be on Earth, let’s look at other possibilities. Could humans be mistaken for digital beings or even humanoid cartoon characters? There’s certainly enough of those on TV and film. Well, only if the ink fits but either seems that likely. I have a suspicion that people are at a loss in how to identify other people or even want to be associated with the same label as themselves. As they can’t use less appropriate words on a show when children might be watching have just fallen into the trap of calling them ‘human’. Maybe we should come up with a better labelling system? Maybe we should just say ‘people were involved’ then maybe we’d all look around and say, ‘I think they might mean it’s one of us!!’


Thank you, take care, good night and just what are you?


Geoff Willmetts

editor: SFCrowsnest.org.uk


A Zen thought: Age makes people lose their vanity.


Observation:  Now here’s an odd quandary with the ‘Terminator’ reality futures. Mankind is hanging on by a thread with a lack of food. So a big muscular apparently well-fed undercover cyborg would kind of stand out as an infiltration unit, wouldn’t it? Even if the original was based on a muscular soldier, why use such a frame? It wouldn’t need organic muscles to move or even to conceal the metal chassis.


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