Eden’s Ore Revelations (book 2) by BV Bayly (ebook review)

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‘Eden’s Ore Revelations’ is the second volume in BV Bayly’s sequence of novels concerning a futuristic energy source and all the complications surrounding it. Basically, the story involves a man called Gabriel who has become a type of super-hero after being exposed to shards of this new source of energy, Eden’s Ore. In the future, all of Earth’s energy resources have been used up, including oil, gas and uranium. Nothing is left! This super-source is discovered from inside the Earth and a rush ensues as to who will be in charge.


In the first book, ‘Eden’s Ore Secrets’, which essentially you need to read in order to understand this volume, Gabriel ends up being pursued by multi-national companies, rogues and thieves. Very biblical in nature, in an American evangelistic way, this book is an extrapolation of all things we see bubbling up in society today, exposing them for all their good and bad points. We have a church, patriarchs and quasi-religious Spheres which are a bit difficult to understand unless you concentrate really hard on the text. This isn’t a book to skim through. You need to have your wits about you when you read it.

The Church Of Humanity are the so-called good guys seem to be responsible for getting Gabriel blown up within the industrial complex of the enemy, the latter employing deadly Horsemen. Sounds like the apocalypse! They eventually recover Gabriel but is it too late? Is he alive or dead? Betrayal within their own ranks complicate things and the entire Church is in danger of being destroyed. Only one man can save them and that’s Gabriel. Question is, can he return from the dead to help them?

The text rolls along at a good pace and there are few boring moments. It’s a page-turner which is well-written and agreeable to read. Don’t look for any scientific revelations because, as you will guess, there’s no real substance like Eden’s Ore in nature. Rather, the author has weaved a good story about human nature. That’s what it’s all about. As usual, faced with terrible dilemmas about the existence of humanity, all the good and the bad come oozing out, with people being asked questions about their own character, loyalty and faith. All the seven deadly sins make their appearance. Yes, it is rather biblical and it is definitely American.

Once you read the first and the second books, you will no doubt want to read the rest and that’s what the author is banking on. Apparently, he has got everything well setup for the future and you probably will not be disappointed. I think this is a rather good series of novels and, while not being overly original, the grip on the imagination is fierce. He tells an interesting and human story. Yes, it’s recommended.

Rod MacDonald

May 2015

(pub: Promontory Press. 262 page Kindle ebook. File Size: 1919kb. Price: £ 2.63 (UK) ASIN: B00X02N31S)

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