To the distant stars with the Echloance starship (science video).

As you may be aware, posits the Angry Astronaut, interplanetary travel has always seemed like an impossibility due to the size of the universe and the constraints of current technology. But, some people will always be resistant to the impossibility.

One such person was the late Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann, who together with his wife Joanna developed a craft capable of relativistic speeds, which might someday enable us to approach even far-off stars. A magnificent display of human creativity and tenacity, it is known as the Echloance.

You see, at least in terms of what we currently understand of physics, the speed of light is a barrier that cannot be crossed. Yet, the Echloance is built to go as close to that point as possible before the very fabric of space-time starts to stretch and deform around it. To put it mildly, it’s a dangerous enterprise, but it’s the only way we have any chance of reaching the stars.

Of fact, the Echloance is still only an idea—a plan on paper, a vision in the minds of those who designed it. If it ever takes to the sky is still up in the air. But the fact that it even exists at all is a testament to the adventurous and inventive nature of people.

It’s frequently noted that “There, something wonderful is waiting to be known.” We should be eager to follow the Echloance’s lead since it may hold the key to solving that amazing enigma.

Keep dreaming about the possibilities while gazing up at the stars, dear SFcrowsnest readers, till then. We will always find a way to strive for the stars as long as we continue to dream.

To the distant stars with the Echloance starship (science video).
To the distant stars with the Echloance starship (science video).

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