Drunk Duck! by Chuck Rowles.

The battle between print and digital media has been waging for some time now and it seems as though the latter is poised to win it. Thankfully, some digital-first mediums still recognise their origins and have made the return journey to the printed page.

Taken from the website of the same name, ‘Drunk Duck!” is a collection of webcomics reprinted in book format for those not as comfortable reading online.

Collecting 14 stories from artists published on http://www.drunkduck.com/, the book offers a snapshot of what’s available through the online comics community. It doesn’t conform to any one particular style, and the writing ranges from deadly serious to completely irreverent.

Some of the stories collected here are part of a continuing series, making it somewhat difficult to get a full insight to the entire story but it does give you an introduction. Examples of this include ‘Bridgette’s Magic Unicorn’ by Gigi which is the second part of a series. The art is fantastic and the characters are engaging but it’s tricky to become completely invested without having to do further research.

That said, there are some real gems here. ‘Melanies Choles Presents Great & Small’ by Nathan Castle features quick-fire animal-based tales that may or not be urban legends. A devilish love story takes place in ‘Nightmare On Hell Mountain’ by Shane ‘Inkmonkey’ Woodis, where Satan’s sons go out on the pull with mixed results. The art is a little rough but the story more than makes up for that. ‘Murky Waters’ by David Recine combines a love quadrangle along with a murderous ex-CIA agent in a surprisingly fun and realistic tale.

With such a vast array of comic talent available on the site, it’s seems impossible to be able to distil it down into 14 stories that best sum up ‘Drunk Duck!’. Perhaps it’s better to focus on the opportunity it provides artists and writers to build contacts and avail of online forums and tutorials that will help them grow their talent.

Purchasing a book of comics originally designed for the web seems somewhat counter-intuitive however this collection represents an interesting and enjoyable starting point to the ‘Drunk Duck!’ world if you’re used to your comics being on the printed page.

Aidan Fortune

September 2012




(pub: Platinum Studios. 156 page graphic novel softcover. Price: $9.95 (US), $10.95 (CAN). ISBN: 978-1-934220-24-5)

check out website: www.platinumstudioscomics.com

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