Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Volume 7 – War Of Gods by Nick Abadzis, Giorgia Sposito and Elonora Carlini (graphic novel review)

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‘War Of Gods’ is the conclusion to the story about Anubis which started in the previous volume, ‘Sins Of The Father’. The writers are Nick Abadzis and James Peaty with artwork by Giorgia Sposito and Warren Pleece. It has a bonus adventure from year 3.

There is a lot to juggle here with the Doctor effectively having three companions. Dorothy and Gabby are directly in the line of fire when Sutekh steals the body of his son, Anubis, by managing to insert a fragment of his consciousness. As they are all aboard the spaceship Shining Horizon, it is only a matter of time before he notices them. As usual, Sutekh’s only ambition is to turn the universe to dust.

When the Doctor has finished flirting with a cat, he and Cindy must get back to the ship but manages to arrive just as Sutekh is trying to emerge. This is not good and much mayhem ensues

This story follows on from the 1975 ‘Doctor Who’ TV adventure called ‘Pyramids Of Mars’ which mixes up the Egyptian gods with aliens who are intent on destroying the universe. Most memorably it involved the robots dressed as mummies who lumbered around the outside locations. This story assumes some knowledge of that one but the gist is easy to pick up. It also picks up on themes around the 10th Doctor. It’s good to see him interact with different companions, other than those tending to fall in love with him.

The book includes some very good cover art from the individual comics which make up this hardback set and, again, it’s very interesting to look at the different styles of each artist who see the Doctor through very diverse eyes.

I’m impressed that the writers and artists continue to provide good content and exciting stories that fill in the gaps of the Doctor’s adventures. Any time is good to jump in to a favourite, making sure you read the first volume before the second, unlike me! Long may it continue.

Sue Davies

August 2017

(pub: Titan Comics. 112 page graphic novel hardback. Price: £13.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-78586-090-4)

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