Doctor Who: Mummy On The Orient Express by Jamie Mathieson (Doctor Who review).

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Be careful: There may be some unintentional spoilers although I won’t give away the ending.


‘Mummy On The Orient Express’ is the first of two stories by Jamie Mathieson this season. The title tells the story from the start, presenting the Mummy or the Foretold and anyone who sees it dies within 66 seconds. Don’t all volunteer at once and don’t give your sprogs nightmares when they see it.


Considering that the Doctor could arrive at any time, I still wonder if the TARDIS is still orientated towards taking the Time Lord to danger spots whether he likes it or not. Hard luck to any of his companions. At least the Doctor and Clara have made up even if it’s off-screen although the implication that her travelling days are numbered, just not when. Even so, it seems to be a pattern that they are split up again. Mind you, considering that they have just arrived, why would either of them want a sleep, especially when the Doctor once said that he rarely sleeps. It’s also about time that the Doctor’s next companion doesn’t go home between adventures anymore because it makes it too safe.

Again, Agatha Christie’s plots are examined again. There is also a demonstration that psychic paper doesn’t always give what is expected of it although it might just be the Doctor not giving the right question.

The Doctor’s failure rate in saving people while he’s in front of them seems to be a consistent trend this season. Makes you feel safe, doesn’t it?

Although I’m not giving he ending, it scene jumps again whether to save budget or because it needs a different scene again.


You can see the budget has been spent on this episode and although there is some absurdity of a train flying in space, at least we are spared the poor science of the previous story. Everyone has something to do and all pretty effective, making this one of the better stories of this season.

Geoff Willmetts

October 2014


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