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Doctor Who: In The Blood by Jenny T. Colgan (book review).

‘Doctor Who: In The Blood’ is Jenny T. Colgan’s new ‘Doctor Who’ novel featuring the Tenth Doctor with fan favourite Donna Noble as companion.


Something wicked is coming over the Internet. If you’ve ever got angry over something, sent an email you regret or made a comment on social media that brings out the trolls then this book might serve as a salutary lesson and you’ll never do it again.

Something is killing the trolls and it’s not the Billy Goats Gruff. Those sad people sat at their computers, warriors of taste and good at nothing but, just being irate, are now dropping dead. When the chill fingers of doom grasp you round the heart, it’s just too late to take up jogging

What’s worse it is not just the trolls but the connected population that’s in trouble and there’s so much emotion out there. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all needing likes and reactions but something is feeding off the passion and the world has become one angry planet.

This thrilling adventure see the Doctor and Donna coming back from the emotional turmoil of their visit to the greatest library in the universe. (‘Silence In The Library’/’Forest Of The Dead’). Donna’s perfect life has been revealed to be a kind fiction and the Doctor has lost River Song to the same illusory existence. It’s all been a bit unkind and their visit to a high tech spa has resulted in an early checkout. Donna thinks time on Earth would be better but her old friend, Hettie, is obsessed with social media and barely looks up from her phone.

It’s not long before the Doctor and Donna realise something is awry and, when a tip leads them to the other side of the world, they decide to take the long way round. Planes, trains and automobiles are not the best idea when something or someone sinister is right behind you.

With great set pieces, thrills and spills, snippy dialogue and a real emotional connection this is the perfect adventure for the Doc and Donna. Complete annihilation for the human race is also a distinct possibility.

‘In The Blood’ mixes a mean cocktail with a slosh of the exotic adventures of Indiana Jones, a dash of ‘Murder On The Orient Express’, a slice of the sour lemon of ‘Made In Chelsea’ and the slivers of ice to complete it wrenched from the heart of ‘Frozen’. I’d go and see it as a movie, oh and there’s Wilf.

Sue Davies

May 2016

(pub: BBC Books/Ebury Publishing/Random House. 335 page hardback. Price: £12.99

(UK). ISBN: 978-1-785941-10-8)

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