Doctor Who

Doctor Who: Dark Water by Steven Moffat (Doctor Who review).

Be careful: There may be some unintentional spoilers although I won’t give away the ending.


Two episodes to go and this is a two-parter. For once, Steven Moffat is really paying attention even if everything starts with a downer with the death off-screen of Danny Pink. Then again, what’s lava got to do with it?


Everything is kept off-balance. Have the Doctor and Clara truly gone to Hell to save Danny or is something else going on? I mean, is it just a neat trick to get people to become cybermen. By the time you read this, I doubt if you’d call that a surprise as it’s been hinted at after last week’s episode. What isn’t given is just who Missy is but it’s a nice twist on what has been speculated on what Time Lords could do. It does raise interesting possibilities as to what could happen to the Rani but that’s for another time.

Will children like this? It might well give them nightmares about the afterlife and put some people off cremation. However, it is a good episode and I doubt if the Doctor will want to rescue people from the dead again.


All the actors are darn right scary but that’s the whole point. Now, where’s my TARDIS. I need to get to next week and find out what happens next.

Geoff Willmetts

November 2014


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