Doctor Who: 2012 Season One episode 5. The Angels Take Manhattan.

Continuing from last week, if you’re living in a country that hasn’t seen these episodes yet, read with caution but I’m not going to give too much away. If you can watch it first, that’s even better.

I’m still puzzling how the Weeping Angels move. OK, if you catch their eye and then blink, then they move towards you. However, they can also move without you looking at them as well, so why don’t they just dominate. I suspect that not only are they predators but symbiotic. They need the temporal energy organic life generates to stay alive. It’s an attraction without a marriage.

I wonder how many Americans are going to look at Lady Liberty in a new light after this. Don’t blink though.

The Weeping Angels have followed the Daleks with the notion of taking Manhattan. From the looks of things, the Doctor won’t be able to do anything about a third invasion. Maybe the Angels will do so instead.

Dr Who Poster 5.
Turned to stone…

Hello Sweetie. Good to see Alex Kingdom again as Professor Song this time. Obviously further along her own time-line and still to become a future Companion let alone a married one, but is she here or not yet. One has to wonder when in her time-line.

The lesson from what is written in books coming true is going to make some writers be careful on what they inflict on mankind in the future.

For those who sneaked a look at my Ponds prediction in the SFC Forum looks like I hit it on the nail, although just not the means. Check out under ‘Feedback’ there if you want to see what I wrote a month ago. I’m a writer. I can see how the options are laid out. Like the Doctor, I tend to avoid the endings and I could have been wrong.

From one story aspect, I hope no one will do what the Ponds tried to break a time paradox. It is fatal to anyone without temporal energy!!! Be suitably warned.

As we’re talking temporal energy, just what is Rory Williams. I mean, he probably had a body reboot when the Doctor resurrected the universe last season but he’s still carrying some two thousand years of temporal energy. I suspect the Angels drained his temporal energy off faster than his wife.

Great episode and a great lead in for the end of the season end of the year.

Geoff Willmetts

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