Disney drops 100 new movies and TV series to dominate Netflix (news).

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You might have thought the House of Mouse been quiet of late – well, apart from screwing over poor struggling authors like Alan Dean Foster for their book royalties – but no, they have been planning a major campaign of media dominance with over 100 new TV series and films to bring the audience under the thumb of their Disney Plus service.

What new content, I hear you ask? Glad to answer. Some of the good stuff includes:

Star Wars

Obi-Wan Kenobi – a live-action TV series featuring both Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen in their prime Jedi antics days.

Ahsoka – a live action spinoff from the Mandalorian which may seek to totally erase the Rey trilogy from the timeline with some parallel reality shenanigans.

Andor – a prequel to the Rogue One movie.

Rangers of the New Republic – another TV series spin-off from the Mandalorian in which a certain deputy goes out a bashing criminals of the interstellar variety.

Lando Calrissian – a TV series based on the cheeky chappie from the Solo film rather than the older, more accommodating Lando from Empire Strikes Back.

Rogue Squadron – a movie based on the very popular Star Wars game franchise.


Secret Invasion – a Samuel L. Jackson TV series featuring the Skrull infiltration of Earth. Kind of like the old Invaders, but with some sweet added SHIELD thrown into the mix.

Ironheart – Dominique Thorne as some kind of a mad genius.

Black Panther 2, with Chadwick Boseman’s role not recast. It will be interesting to see how they handle this one given how central Chadwick was to the whole franchise.

Thor: Love and Thunder starring Christian Bale.

They’ve just dropped a whole brown mountain of trailers which we will now proceed to run for your delectation, dear reader.

All this and they still can’t afford to pay authors of their media tie-in books the royalties they were promised under their contracts. For shame.

Disney drops 100 new movies and TV series to dominate Netflix (news).

Disney drops 100 new movies and TV series to dominate Netflix (news).

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