Detectorists: 2022 TV Christmas Special (does it meet Ancient Aliens?)

The uniquely gentle British comedy series Detectorists, which follows the adventures of amateur metal detectorists Andy (Mackenzie Crook) and Lance (Toby Jones), is coming back with a one-off special episode from Crimble 2022.

The Danebury Metal Detecting Group is in crisis; developers are sniffing about, and after missing out on a large finder’s fee, the club is going to need a miracle to help preserve its much-loved scout hall. The club is in trouble because developers are snooping nearby.

When Lance finally succeeds in acquiring permission to examine 10 acres of great, undiscovered territory, it gives the impression that things may be turning around for the better.

The discovery of a bizarre mystery artefact, however, prompts Lance to violate procedure, which puts both his relationship with Andy and the continued existence of the DMDC in jeopardy.

What is this strange artefact, though? Something that might get fans of the TV series Ancient Aliens excited? One that might pull in a parody of Graham Hancock, perhaps, he who speculates the first known civilizations of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Mesoamerica emerged as a result of the knowledge that the survivors of a sophisticated ice age civilisation passed on to hunter-gatherers?

You can watch the all-too brief return of this much loved series on the BBC at 9pm on Boxing Day.

Detectorists: 2022 TV Christmas Special (does it meet Ancient Aliens?)
Digging up trouble, this time, it seems!

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