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Destiny Of The Doctor: The Time Machine by Matt Filton (CD review).

Ooh, Timey-wimey!

I fell in love with ‘Destiny Of The Doctor: The Time Machine’ and it wrapped itself around me until I screamed. Never drive anywhere whooping at the CD player, it’s not good for your health.


The Doctor, who is travelling alone this time, arrives at an Oxford lab to see just who has decided to invent time travel today. He’s not happy with what he finds. Professor Chivers is overseeing the project with graduate Alice Watson and they are putting the final touches to a machine that his future self instructed him how to build. Professor Chivers (voiced by Michael Cochrane) is determined to finish the time machine but the Doctor knows that this can lead to disaster as the alien Creevix are already on Earth and are using this for their own evil scheme. Alice, the girl with no imagination, catches a glimpse of the invisible foe and is so stunned, she joins the Doctor in a quest to rid the Earth of the invasion.

Matt Fitton is spot on with this story right from the start although I would have liked it set in Cambridge for the continuity with his wonderful Science Advisor Dr. Liz Shaw. This ties up the whole series in one big bundle. Admittedly, it’s mostly in the summation at the end and you’d be hard put to place all the players and parts in the spots that Fitton has done. It’s a case of we know where we have to get to and we just need the navigation. This is an excellent narrative way of showing just how far the Doctor has travelled in 50 years. We never expected it all to make sense when it first stated but now as more stories flirt with the actual time travel aspect and dare to use it to tie up the plot this one has also boldly gone that way.

Ever since Matt Smith appeared with a fez on his head having backwards engineered his rescue from the Pandorica thingy, we can expect these awfully clever writers to cheekily use this and why not? After all, the Doctor is never been just another humdrum space traveller and you’ll either love the time-bending stuff or hate it but then why watch a programme about a time traveller if you can’t enjoy getting the bends sometime?

Sue Davies

November 2013

(pub: Big Finish. 1 CDs 60 minute story. Price: CD: £10.20 (UK), Download: £ 3.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-47131-177-2)

cast: Jenna Coleman, Michael Cochrane and Nicholas Briggs

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