Deadpool Original Soundtrack by Junkie XL and various artists (CD review).

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The ‘Deadpool’ soundtrack is by Junkie XL and includes songs from other various artists opens with ‘Angel Of The Morning’ by Juice Newton. A classic, cheesy song that in no way sets the tone for what is to come. For its followed by ‘Maximum Effort’ which is the first of the tracks actually composed by Junkie Xl. A bombastic affair and in total odds with the first song. The juxtaposition reminds me perfectly of the film itself. It is a smorgasbord of pulsing 80’s style synths, fast-paced and urgent and it would be a fantastic track to crave up your enemies to or maybe just workout to.


A brief interlude of moody atmospheric synths clears the way for the next song, ‘Shoop’ by Salt-N-Pepa. A track that is guaranteed to get your foot tapping and those shoulders moving. You can almost picture our red-clad hero getting his groove on.

Next up we are back with a clutch of tracks by Junkie XL. More synths, more explosive drums and grinding bass. Much like its parent film, there is no time for subtlety here.

Just as the kitchen sink dub-step reaches peek we are back in whimsy town with ‘Calendar Girl’ by Neil Sedeka. A sing-along number that reminds you that this film has tongue firmly in cheek.

More bomb-size drum breaks but this time with added classical strings for that authentic blockbuster feel so you know these are the tracks that involve the love interest.

‘The Deadpool Rap’ by Teamheadkick is a rap track that reminds me of the ‘old skool’ Turtle Rap from the original ‘Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles’ movie. A track that will either irritate you immensely or have you nodding along or quite possibly both.

The rest of Mr. XL’s tracks follow the path already set. Big drums, sweeping strings and ‘phat’ synths all play over funky bass-lines. It is a huge blockbuster sounding score with everything turned up to 11. Just when you don’t think you can take any more, DMX comes roaring in with the excellent ‘X Gon’ Give It To Ya’ which if it doesn’t make you want to get up, pull on some spandex and fight crime then nothing will!

At the end, you arrive breathless and panting, exhausted from all the thrill in time to be soothed by George Michael and ‘Careless Whisper’, ensuring the soundtrack ends as it began with a big old grin. Like the film, it does not take itself seriously at all and if you loved the film it will definitely put a smile on your face.

This soundtrack is a lot of fun and reminded me a lot of the old splinter-cell soundtracks by Amon Tobin. It had that cool retro-futurism sound, a nice blend of 80s style sounds over modern dub-step breaks and a sprinkling of cheese to keep you grinning and your foot tapping.

Daniel Mason

April 2016

(pub: Classical/Milan Music. 31 tracks 1 CD. Price: £ 9.53 (UK). ASIN: B01AC9ZNNM

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