Damsel: Netflix fantasy movie turning a Dragon Cave into a Royal Rumble (trailer).

So then, fine denizens of the ‘Nest, another day, another fantasy film where a damsel gets herself into a bit of a pickle. But wait, Damsel isn’t your typical “damsel in distress” story. In fact, it’s more like a “damsel in dragon’s den” kind of tale. Get ready for a fantasy adventure that’s got more twists and turns than a medieval maze.

Meet Princess Elodie: played by none other than the talented Millie Bobby Brown. She’s your average royal, dreaming of her prince charming and a life of luxury. But as luck would have it, her fairy tale takes a dark and twisty turn. Instead of a happily ever after, she’s handed over to a fire-breathing dragon. Yes, you heard that right, a dragon.

Now, if I were in Elodie’s sparkly shoes, I’d probably faint on the spot. But not our princess. She’s made of sterner stuff. Stranded in a cave with only her wits and determination, she’s got to figure out how to survive. Who needs a knight in shining armor when you’ve got brains, right?

But what’s this all about, you ask? Well, it turns out that Elodie’s “happily ever after” was just a ruse. The royal family, led by the always regal Angela Bassett as Lady Bayford, had a little debt to repay. And guess who’s the unlucky collateral? Yep, our dear princess. They tossed her into that cave as part of the deal.

Speaking of royalty, Robin Wright takes on the role of Queen Isabelle, while Ray Winstone plays the King. And as for the dashing Prince Charming, err, I mean Prince Henry, that’s Nick Robinson’s gig. Oh, and let’s not forget about Elodie’s younger sister, Floria, played by Brooke Carter. The film, directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and written by Dan Mazeau, sounds like a fantasy rollercoaster. With a budget of $60-70 million, you can bet they’re going all out on this one. And with Millie Bobby Brown not just starring but also executive producing, you know it’s going to be one heck of a ride.

They shot the film in Portugal, where the picturesque landscapes probably make even dragon-infested caves look good. Angela Bassett, Nick Robinson, Robin Wright, Ray Winstone, Brooke Carter, and Shohreh Aghdashloo all joined the cast during the filming process. So, it’s safe to say they’ve got quite the ensemble on their hands. With a princess who’s more MacGyver than Disney, it’s bound to be an adventure worth waiting for. Let’s just hope the dragon doesn’t steal the show.

Damsel: Netflix fantasy movie turning a Dragon Cave into a Royal Rumble (trailer).
Damsel: Netflix fantasy movie turning a Dragon Cave into a Royal Rumble (trailer).


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