Da Vinci’s Demons… TV does Renaissance-punk.

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Here’s an interesting looking TV series from the creators of Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Da Vinci’s Demons, which recasts Leonardo da Vinci in Wild Wild West mode – superhero/inventor/demon hunter. It’s certainly the first time some proper Renaissance-punk has got air-time on a major TV channel (if you discount the BBC’s CBBC kids series, Leonardo, which had a teen Leonardo doing some serious Scooby Doo-age).

There was also the novel Pasquale’s Angel by Paul J McAuley, which had a reclusive older da Vinci as the creator of a steampunkish industrial revolution a good few centuries earlier than actually happened. But then, books, who reads them now, right? (certainly few of the people in TV land)

Da Vinci's Demons... TV does Renaissance-punk.

Mr da Vinci, very early steampunk.


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