Crossing In Time (Volume 1 of the Between Two Evils series) by DL Orton (book review).

‘Crossing In Time’ is book 1 of the ‘Between Two Evils’ series of books by DL Orton and there’s going to be at least four more of these. I know that as it lists the first five books at the beginning of this weighty tome, although I think only the first two have been published so far. It is essentially a love story set against a bit of SF and time travel. In the main, the book is written with three narratives with one being from our main character Isabel and the other from her lover, Diego. The third is from the British scientist Matt. With three narratives It can be confusing at times so you have to pay attention.


The story starts with Isabel and Diego bumping into each other after she leaves her divorce hearing in an angry hurry. They haven’t seen each other for fifteen years and didn’t part on very good terms. It seems they both think they made a terrible mistake parting as they did and set about making up for lost time. There’s some sex included which I wasn’t expecting as the lead up to it was the traditional style of romance novel.

Shortly after their meeting, a disaster hits Denver which turn out to be the first of several disasters to hit the world. I can’t really say too much about what happens without giving away an awful lot of spoilers. What I can say is that there is a team of scientists, backed by the military, that are investigating the initial Denver disaster which seems to have been caused by a mysterious object found at the site. There is also evidence that Isabel and Diego are linked to what is happening. I’m not giving anything away by saying Isabel makes the trip in time to try and save what she loves most. The time travel element is given away in the prologue before the main story starts.

I must admit that I struggled with this book. The Isabel character is that strong willed, sassy woman you would expect as the lead character. I found her annoying at times. Diego is the handsome ex-boyfriend with what I would consider to be feminine traits. Presumably, this is what makes him irresistible to the ladies. Isabel’s ex-husband is portrayed as a stereotype awful man. I couldn’t work out why she would want to marry him in the first place. Matt the scientist is an interesting character, though.

You might think I’m spending a lot of real estate discussing the characters rather than the plot but, you see, this book is really about the characters. The whole of Chapter 2, which admittedly is not very long as chapters go, deals with Isabel and Diego’s feelings for each as they sit in a restaurant waiting to make their order. It’s from Isabel’s viewpoint but Diego’s views are given in Chapter 3 before we get a bit of excitement with a disaster. This is just a brief interruption to Isabel and Diego’s relationship. The pair of star-crossed lovers continue their relationship or perhaps I should say re-establish it over the time travel escapades.

If you want a romantic love story with a bit of adventure, some time travel and a bit of sex but lots of deep meaningful relationship, then this is the book for you. Probably the next four in the series are, too. Personally, I’m off to read something with a bit more SF in it.

Andy Whitaker

October 2016

(pub: Rocky Mountain Press, USA, 2015. 562 page ebook (v4.41). Price: £4.09 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-941368-00-8)

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