Coronavirus: a pandemic straight out of the Contagion film?

We’ve been following the rapid progress of Coronavirus through China with a worried eye. To help SFcrowsnest’s readers, we’ve compiled some videos that will be off interest if you want to deep-dive into this subject – and maybe think about taking some basic precautions for you and your family if you haven’t yet.

Let’s start off with what Coronavirus is and the basics about the disease from our favourite medical doctor, Dr John Campbell (sorry Mr. Who and McCoy).

Let’s move on to the next question. How bad is the pandemic, and is China underplaying the severity of the situation as they struggle to keep the lid on a situation that might not endear the population to the controlling one-party state?

Chris Martenson seems to think so … his analysis of what China is actually doing versus what they’re saying in public is not encouraging. Here’s a few videos from Chris on the subject.

One of the most interesting purveyors of China-based analysis comes from our man Winston. He lived in China for 15 years as a Western expat training Chinese doctors until he was chased out by the state secret police after his v-logs on Chinese Life started being viewed by millions globally, and the party realised they couldn’t reliably control his output. Winston’s been a lot more vocal in his more honest views since he was booted out of China. This fascinating video contains lots of inside and insider stuff from the region about what’s really happening in the pandemic zone.

And finally, the LBC radio show conducted a rather illuminating interview with Paul Martin, the former Chinese foreign correspondent now based in Hong Kong, about what the true state of play is across the border.

It’s worth noting that face masks with ratings from P95 to P100 are now almost all out of stock on Amazon. I’d expect anti-flu meds on the lists floating around the net to follow suit, quite quickly.

We’re now laying in enough dry goods and liquids to last for a month, initially, with a view to building up to the full 3 month stock favoured by all those nutty preppers we were so happily taking the piss out of until recently. Well, even a broken clock can be right once a day.

Keep safe people. We’ll update this page with any videos that throw light on the pandemic situation as it evolves.

Coronavirus: Can China contain outbreak that has infected 2,700 people?
Coronavirus: Can China contain outbreak that has infected 2,700 people?

3 thoughts on “Coronavirus: a pandemic straight out of the Contagion film?

  • I think I’m reminded more of the Terry Nation produced BBC 1980s series ‘Survivors’ and how a world-wide infection was shown to be spread in the opening credits. Prophetic or what?


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