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Classic Spock.

Our chums over at Hollywood Collectibles are making with a 1:4 scale Spock from the classic Star Trek series to go along with their Kirk in the same range. It’ll be nineteen inches of Trek goodness at around $300 (I know, everything is meant to be free in the Federation, but…).

It’s a 750 run limited edition (numbered). Order early for those early numbers, my little Vulcan-loving Treklits. If I have one quibble, it’s that he looks a little narked, but maybe that’s just those Vulcan eyebrows at work?

Mr Spock.
Buying it would be logical!
Another shot of mr Spock from the classic Trek.
His phaser is set to ‘give me your dosh’
And yet another Spock from the classic Trek series.
Nice detailing.

The piece was sculpted by Chris Vierra with paint mastering by Fred DiSanto.


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