Capturing Archetypes, Volume 2 (book review).

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From the start, I have to say that this big book, Capturing Archetypes, Volume 2, has static issues although no damage is done to art when opening these pages but just be careful. Be even more cautious when you reach Doctor Doom as after him it opens up into a four page spread of Poison Ivy and you wouldn’t want to get either of them angry.


‘Capturing Archetypes, Volume 2 ‘ as the name should tell you is the second volume of Sideshow models featuring a variety of heroes and villains from Marvel and DC as well as fantasy and SF films and a few from computer games. It should hardly be surprising that there are many from ‘Star Wars’ here. None of the models are photographed as models but as close-ups and if it wasn’t for the fabric stitching on some of them, you would think you were looking at paintings than figurines. Even where this stitching is sculptured, you wouldn’t see this in a painting. As I commented with the first volume, if you don’t own any or even only a couple of their models, then this is a good way to see more from the Sideshow catalogue and just gape at their craftsmanship.

Objectively, it would have been interesting to see a couple photos showing the size and scale just to put them in perspective of the work done. After all, if you’re intrigued enough to want to own any of them, then you would want to know their size to see if your shelves are big enough. I mean, how large are the Hulks or even a Sentinel shown compared to say, Captain America or even Batman. Then again, I doubt if these books are sold to look like catalogues. Most statues are sixth scale but there are also some busts but on close-up, you would be hard to tell the difference.

Picking out favourites would be difficult as each have something different to offer. If anything, it’s the entire range that is staggering. Men, women, robots, aliens and even a couple dinosaurs. Nothing is untouched nor beyond their capabilities. I like the Thor frog and makes me wonder what they would do with Beta Ray Bill. Batman seems to be a favourite this time and there are several different versions included from comic and film. Looking at the Engineer from ‘Prometheus’, I never realised until now that the costume was growing out or into him based on his wrists.

The oddest thing is at the back of the book where there is a page of credits with page numbers and that’s mostly because the pages themselves don’t have any numbers on them. Granted, I can see that might have interfered with the photographs but there are a lot of black pages as well which a simple number on could at least be used as location guide.

As a coffee book table, this is the kind of book that will have everyone wanting to look inside and wander through. If you own any of the statues inside, you can do a big reveal. If you don’t, you can admit a secret ambition to wanting to own one or be like me and just admire the art.

GF Willmetts

November 2015

(pub: Insight Editions. 228 page illustrated large hardback. Price: £32.99 (UK), $50.00 (US). ISBN: 978-1-60887-685-3)

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