Brass Sun: The Wheel Of Worlds mini-series # 2 by Ian Edginton and I.N.J. Culbard (e-comic review).

Brass Sun # 1 ended with Wren safely in the hands of Conductor Seventeen, one of the Prime Numbers in charge of the transit system for the Wheel of Worlds. She used the Quaycard left her by her grandfather to get there.


In Brass Sun # 2, Wren learns that the worlds used to co-operate and everything was lovely. Then as man became greedy and selfish things started to fall apart. There was war and the engineers closed down the rails to keep them safe. The Blind Watchmaker gave each world a portion of a Key which, if the need arises, can be used to access the Brass Sun.

So the large, ironclad Station Master sends Wren and Conductor Seventeen to a world called the Keep where they must search for one aspect of the Key. The Keep is one giant landmass with one giant palace built on it, overseen by the Scarlet Duke, one hundred and sixty third in a long line of inbred nutters. The authors satirised the Roman Church last issue and this time they’re doing the aristocracy. The Duke has fallen out with some of his daughters who are in rebellion against him.

The general concept continues to be interesting and there are some weird and wonderful characters of the kind you would expect to find in a series from ‘2000AD’. I like the story by Ian Edginton and I like the art by I.N.J. Culbard. Presumably, there are further revelations and surprises to come.

Eamonn Murphy

September 2014

(pub: 2000AD. 410 page comic Price: £ 1.64 (UK). ASIN: B00LUKTX2K)

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