Bill Gates-backed COVID-19 vaccine ugently rushed to human testing (science news).

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Bill Gates-backed INOVIO Pharmaceuticals said yesterday that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has now accepted the company’s DNA vaccine designed to prevent COVID-19 infection, paving the way for urgent Phase 1 priority clinical testing of their INO-4800 vaccine in volunteers beginning this week.

The first dosing of brave human volunteers went ahead on Monday 6th 2020, yesterday.

Bill Gates-backed COVID-19 vaccine rushed to human testing (science news)

Bill Gates-backed COVID-19 vaccine rushed to human testing (science news).

Preclinical results for the vaccine have, they say, proved consistent with their completed Phase 1 vaccine study for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (aka MERS), also caused by a coronavirus, in which INOVIO’s DNA vaccine was well-tolerated and induced high levels of antibody responses in 95% of subjects, while also generating broad-based T cell responses in nearly 90% of study participants. Durable antibody responses to their INO-4700 DNA vaccine were maintained through 60 weeks following dosing.

In 10 weeks from funding by billionaire Bill Gates’ foundation, INOVIO has manufactured thousands of doses of INO-4800 to support their Phase 1 and planned Phase 2 clinical trials.

In parallel, INOVIO is working to scale up the manufacturing of INO-4800. INOVIO plans to have one million doses of the vaccine available by year-end for additional trials and emergency use, pending U.S. regulatory guidance and funding.

DNA medicines are composed of DNA plasmids, which are small circles of double-stranded DNA that are synthesised, or reorganised by a computer sequencing technology, designed to produce a specific immune response in the body.

INOVIO’s DNA medicines deliver plasmids directly into cells intramuscularly or intradermally using INOVIO’s hand-held smart device called a Cellectra. The device uses a brief electrical pulse to open small pores in the cell reversibly to allow the plasmids to enter, overcoming a major limitation of alternative DNA and mRNA approaches.

Once inside the cell, the plasmids are used by the cell’s own machinery to generate specific coded antigens, which then stimulate a vital potentially life-saving immune response.


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