Offworld Report

Awesome science fiction and fantasy round-up (Offworld Report: Sunday 8th May 2016).

Here’s our picks of the best recent science fiction and fantasy news, features, reviews and articles off-world from SFcrowsnest . . .

Top Five Biggest Continuity Conflicts in “Civil War” and More Top Five Lists.

That Time Iron Man Provoked a War With Atlantis to End “Civil War” & More Plots Best Forgotten.

SpaceX Has Hired a Legendary Costume Designer to Create Their Own Spacesuits.

New Images Of Michael Fassbender In Assassin’s Creed.

Discuss “Captain America: Civil War,” Free Comic Book Day & More!.

Kevin Feige Says Marvel Is ‘Committing’ To a BLACK WIDOW Movie.

George R.R. Martin Takes on J.R.R. Tolkien in an Epic Fantasy Rap Battle.

Muggle Skydivers Played Quidditch in the Air.

The Woman in This Famous Painting May Have Suffered from a Nerve Disorder.

Happy Birthday! Kevin Owens Turns 32 Today!.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Writers Reveal Whether They Considered Adapting This Controversial Comic Book Moment.

Mothers of Horror: Celebrating the Great Mothers in Horror Films.

Marvel Gets WWE Superstars To Reveal Whether They’re #TeamCap Or #TeamIronMan.

These Minimalist Posters of Famous Libraries Want to Hang on Your Wall Just Beside the Bookshelf.

Five Punisher Stories That Could Be Adapted For The Punisher TV Series.

TV Review: Outlander 2.5 “Untimely Resurrections”.

Meet the Cosplay Elves Working in Secret to Make Your Photos Better.

Original SPIDER-MAN Tobey Maguire Officially Passes The Torch To Marvel’s New ‘Spidey’ Tom Holland.

Josh Boone Has Completed The First Draft Of A Script For ‘Interview With The Vampire’.

What Made ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Star Olivia Munn Turn Down ‘Deadpool’?.

Genre Kryptonite: Magic School Stories.

The Weekly 2000AD – Prog 1979.

Adam McKay Signs On To Direct The Adaptation Of Mark Waid’s Comic Book ‘Irredeemable’.

Offworld Report
Offworld Report


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